Greg Smith is a Roots-Americana songwriter from Walters Falls, Ontario, Canada. Greg writes character driven story based songs matched with dynamic vocals and inventive guitar parts.

Growing up farming in rural Ontario Greg spent most of his time alone, but with a guitar he found a friend that could fill long hours. Greg found his true start in music when he moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2015. There he began playing and recording with Lone Waltz Records and found the audiences and opportunities that he had been searching for at home. Greg has toured in both Canada and the EU and was selected in 2017's Folk Music Ontario Developing Artist Program. In Summer 2019 Greg performed at Living Roots Festival, Blue Skies Music Festival, Live From the Rock Folk Festival and Middle River Music Festival. Greg also recently released a new EP, Michael which is available on his bandcamp page. Since Autumn 2019, Greg has been taking a sabbatical from performance to focus on his personal life and a career in carpentry. Despite this he still makes seldom appearances at small festivals and shows.



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